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Nurse Navigation

Our Nurse Navigation program provides quick and accurate patient assessments for life- threating conditions and then takes the caller through our proprietary nurse triage protocol to determine the most appropriate locus of care.


  • Better triage and response to exposures; including coordination with hospitals and occupational health providers
  • Reduces unnecessary treatment for exposures when clinically not indicated
  • Minimizes the need for extensive waits in emergency departments and facilitates evaluation and treatment

Access2Care nurse navigators use evidence-based clinical decision software to immediately evaluate a patient’s current condition, providing a needs-matched time-appropriate resource allocation to meet the patient’s unique healthcare needs. Our five-level triage system ensures we are delivering the right resource at the right time, in the right setting to achieve the right outcome at the right cost.

Public Health Crisis Solution

  • Outbreak Screening - 911 dispatchers route potential outbreak cases to our remote nurse navigators who screen per CDC guidelines and guide the patient to appropriate care
  • Remote Monitoring – Quarantined patients self-report their symptoms on a mobile app with daily monitoring by our licensed nurses until quarantine release or care escalation 
Our solutions are designed to use the appropriate provider, tools and technologies required to best meet the unique healthcare needs of your patient populations, in any setting, at any time, with our turnkey and customizable solutions. Our goal is simple—provide easy access to high-quality care, while controlling costs and improving outcomes for the populations we serve.

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