Access2Care is one of the nation’s largest managers of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) services. Our experience began in 1998, with a national program for Kaiser Permanente under our parent company AMR. Currently, we provide NEMT and managed transportation services to Medicaid and Medicare members through government and managed care organization (MCO) contracts, with customized programs for each client’s unique service area and diverse population.

Nationwide, over 99.7% of trips we deliver are complaint free.  Exceptional customer service is our top priority. Our proven methods for effectively managing high-volume call centers, provider networks and medical transportation services result in high satisfaction. 

Annually, we manage 8.6 million trip requests for over 5.5 million covered lives across urban, suburban, rural, and remote rural regions in 29 states. We are committed to understanding the populations we serve and to effectively communicating with them through awareness of their cultures and environments. We train our entire customer service and operations staff in this approach resulting in a team that is expert at providing NEMT management services for vulnerable populations. 

We initiated many of what are now industry best practices as a result of developing solutions for our clients’ challenges and continue to lead the industry in developing new cost-effective and outcome-oriented approaches to delivering transportation benefits.

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