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Return to the Workplace with SafeRestart

While protecting from an invisible enemy is impossible, SafeRestart takes steps to identify, evaluate, isolate and monitor potentially infected employees and can assist employers in providing a safer workplace. Appropriately, the COVID-19 pandemic has raised critical business continuity concerns for employers.

Safe, Effective Employee Screening and Medical Monitoring 

Whether you manage a corporate office, school, manufacturing facility, casino, nursing home or prison, all workplaces need to ensure a safe environment for their employees, customers and patients. As sites begin to open even as COVID-19 remains a threat, screening measures have never been more critical. Our end-to-end solutions can keep your business healthy, your workforce safe and your facilities productive.

Safe, Effective Screening and Follow-Up

The SafeRestart screening protocols identify individuals who have an above normal body temperature, a systemic fever and may be suffering from Coronavirus, Ebola, Common Influenza, Norovirus SARS and other flu variants such as Avian Flu, Bird and Swine flu among other contagious diseases. SafeRestart system is a complete, end-to-end assessment and support program, with the following components:

Simplified Pre-Entry Screening 

Employees' begin with our proprietary self-assessment tool before they enter the workplace to determine their risk for exposure. The entry screening can be further combined with in-person staffed or autonomous temperature screening* tools for added vigilance.

Rapid Testing

As an add-on feature, A2C offers Rapid Testing* to determine if at-risk employees are COVID-19 positive. Results can be determined in as little as 1-hour of administering the test, depending on the type of test used, instead of waiting up to one week with many other testing options. *If available in your area

Nurse Navigation 

Employees in self-isolation are supported by A2C's Nurse Navigation team, with phone-based access to nurses who can navigate the impacted employee through the process of self-isolation and provide guidance on treatment options. All documentation is maintained in HIPAA-compliant systems to protect confidentiality with appropriate reports to the employer regarding the worker's status.

Virtual Medical Monitoring

Employees who are directed to self-isolate are enrolled in A2C's active monitoring via web-based and smartphone app. During the isolation period, they will receive reminders twice daily to log their temperature and symptoms for monitoring by our medical team.

Return-To-Work Recommendation

Our specially-trained nurses review the daily self-reported symptoms and follow physician-developed protocols to determine when the individual no longer poses a threat and can safely return to work with minimal risk of infecting their coworkers and your customers.

Customized Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Our screening solutions are adaptable to any size facility, and are already in place today supporting supply chain, manufacturing and transportation depots around the world. We will work with you to find the right combination of services to fit your specific needs.

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Safely Return to the workplace

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"The nurse we spoke to every day was encouraging and was able to ease our worries from isolation...She was a true lifeline."

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- The family of an impacted, and since recovered, employee enrolled in the Access2Care system