Transportation Providers

Transportation Providers

Our Success Depends on the Strength and Quality of Our Transportation Providers Partners

Access2Care is a transportation management company, also sometimes called a brokerage company. This means that we do not own any vehicles or have drivers on staff. That’s why we need you! We depend on our partnerships with diverse, local, transportation providers to deliver quality service to our members.

We work with providers of all types and sizes. From companies with one or two vehicles to Transportation Providers with hundreds of vehicles to public transit agencies and individuals who are volunteer drivers. The things that all of our Transportation Providers partners have in common is their commitment to quality, their dedication to our members, and their continuous display of professionalism to the members and clients we serve.

We have a history of working successfully with both the medical and transportation provider communities. Access2Care has strong relationships with over 1,300 Transportation Providers across the United States, managing nearly 13,000 vehicles.

We look forward to hearing from you! Apply here to become part of our network.