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Public Transit

The state of Texas requires that Medicaid NEMT transportation be delivered by public transit fixed route bus and light rail services when available and appropriate for travel between the member’s residence and appointment. Members using public transportation have flexibility when traveling to and from their medical appointments, the services are dependable, and routes are designed to hit key areas of their community including medical facilities. In addition, bus passes may be used for additional travel needs until it expires!

Public transportation may not be suited for everyone. Members with physical or cognitive impairments may request a travel assessment to determine whether a more advanced level of service is appropriate. Members can be granted a 14 day waiver allowing the use of their requested level of service while Access2Care coordinates with their healthcare provider to determine the most appropriate level of service.

Paratransit & Specialty Services

In some areas of the state, Access2Care has enhanced public transit partnerships allowing use of their services beyond fixed route. If preferred, members eligible with their local public transit system to use specialty services, like paratransit, are welcome to contact us to see if specialty transit passes are available for travel to medical appointments. These partnerships help support local transit programs and provides more travel options within our NEMT program to best serve members. Please contact for more information.