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Transfer Centers

Our Transport Center Program is a hospital throughput solution to streamline the medical transportation ordering process and ensure appropriate documentation to determine levels of service and appropriate billing procedures. Transport coordinators will work in collaboration with your discharge planners and nursing staff to coordinate, manage and schedule all calls for medical transport services that you request.


  • Decreases time spent ordering services
  • Decreases time on task for transportation crews
  • Improves documentation collection and compliance
  • Ensures the proper level of transportation
  • Verifies medical necessity

Command Center & Coordination Platform for Infectious Diseases

The initial outbreak of COVID-19 revealed a critical need for a centralized system and unified process that can rapidly stand up alternate care sites for COVID-19 patients, predict needed bed capacity, process patient transfers and provide statewide reporting through a single platform. This multi-functional coordination platform must be easily scalable across the state, customizable by county and adaptable to evolving requirements from health officials.

Our Command Center solutions were deployed to assist with the COVID-19 response in New York and California. In California, our process tracked and managed COVID patients, managed placement of patients in the region to hospitals, ACS and quarantine locations. We worked across 58 countries, coordinating 4,609 facilities, 33 EMS agencies, serving a population of 39 million people.

The platform helps states, hospital systems and alternate care sites stay on top of any surge in COVID-19 cases by:

  • Prescreening patients for clinical guidance
  • Adhering to care facility compliance protocols
  • Confirming the medical need and level of transport
  • Offering software-based no-call paperless ordering
  • Providing real-time tracking and ETAs
  • Closing services gaps by managing and adding care facilities via a single-provider portal

Transparent Management of COVID-19 Metrics

Our Command Center Informatics and Coordination Platform ensure your health officials have the data they need to respond to cases in their jurisdictions and keep the public accurately informed. We leverage the technology of our innovation group, Access2Care, to track and triage COVID-19 patients.

The collation of the metrics from these technologies allows us to provide states with critical COVID-19 information through our proprietary and easy-to-use reporting mechanisms via the COVID-19 Command Center:

  • Bed Dashboard: Helps track and keep hospital bed capacity ahead of the COVID-19 surge.
  • Transport Reporting: Ensures all COVID-19 patient transfers are operating smoothly.
  • Statewide Mapping: Allows you to zoom into any location to improve cross-county collaboration.

Customized Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Our solutions are adaptable to any states needs and are already in place today around the country. We will work with you to find the right combination of services to fit your specific needs.

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