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Quality Score Improvement

As a healthcare company and true partner to our clients, we are able to offer programs to assist in reaching some of your most challenging members.  Access2Care can leverage our 24/7 contact centers with your health plans’ needs to improve its STARS and HEDIS scores.  In addition to working to improve your members’ satisfaction, we can provide outbound calls, targeted on-hold messaging, and working with our AMR partners, deliver innovative targeted initiatives.

Specialized Programs & Pilots

One such program was created to assist diabetic members in completing necessary laboratory tests. In partnership with our health plan client, together we targeted specific members who had not yet received their annual Hemoglobin A1C and/or LDL lab tests. We developed a protocol for outreach to help them schedule a visit with their Primary Care Physician or to schedule a home visit from a Paramedic to complete the screening. Not only did our efforts help to promote a healthier member population, our client partner also noted that the program made a meaningful difference in their HEDIS score. 

Access2Care is more than a transportation management company; we are a partner in your quest for better access to health care and healthier members.