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Access2Care is proud to offer public transportation as a way of getting members to and from their covered medical appointments. Members that use public transit are incentivized by receiving bus passes which can also be used to access transportation services beyond the scope of their medical needs. They enjoy the freedom and flexibility these passes offer allowing them social interaction and community involvement. Inadequate physical activity contributes to many health concerns. Using public transit can improve health by increased physical activity walking to and from transit stops reducing sedentary living. Public transportation is a dependable ride option with routes designed to hit key areas of a community including medical services.
Keep in mind, public transportation is not offered in all areas of the country, so please check with your health insurance provider or an Access2Care Contact Center Associate to learn if public transit is available under your transportation program.
Check out Google Transit to easily map your route!
Access2Care’s public transit team is available to provide immediate assistance to members, care providers, and clients who have questions or concerns regarding pass deliveries or scheduled public transit services. Please let us know how we can help