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Management Model Benefits

Core Competency

Developing and implementing successful NEMT programs is what we do every day. We have spent the last two decades innovating and refining our processes to deliver the highest quality of service to your members in the most cost-efficient manner for your organization.  

Quality and Service

We manage the members’ transportation experiences from request to return. Member and client satisfaction are extremely important to us. We constantly strive to implement programs which directly improve member experience and drive the quality initiatives of Access2Care and our clients. As a result, more than 99.8% of Access2Care’s transports are complaint-free. 

Partner & Resource

With nearly two decades of experience with Medicaid and Medicare NEMT and their related regulations and policies, we can offer advice and direction, and provide industry-leading expertise.

Technology & Reporting

Our technology is specifically designed for NEMT. Detailed reports are provided to all clients via secure online portal, including contact center performance, overall and member specific utilization data, and, investigation and resolution status on each complaint. Custom reports are also available. Access2Care provides electronic file exchange, for eligibility, provider network, claims, and encounter data, including 837 files.

Anticipate & Avoid

Extensive experience managing the entire NEMT process from initial call to return trip delivery enables us to foresee and prevent common, costly, time consuming problems. 


We offer nearly unlimited network potential, driven by performance. As a broker, we are able to work with all qualified transportation providers in a given area, allowing us to build and maintain a network of vehicles to support your organization’s growth and your members’ changing transport needs.

Provider Incentive & Accountability

We are committed to quality service. To ensure that our network is performing to our standards, we reward positive performance with additional trip volume and conversely, those who perform below standards are penalized or removed from our network.